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[Powderworks] RE: "official" russian pressing

korablev_a at mx.ihep.su korablev_a at mx.ihep.su
Wed Apr 7 20:30:32 MDT 2004

                                            korablev_a at mx.ihep.su,  7-APR-2004


Speaking about this MP3 disc I was going to buy it sometime ago (here in
Russia), but it was made with that kind of bug - some songs from Capricornia
album did not play at all. And it was impossible to do something with those
files - like trying to copy them from disc to HDD and then play. And I told
the seller about that problem and he tried to test another couple of
such discs that he had - they also had that bug. So I returned this disc back
and I think that all pressing of this "official" russian thing is bugged.

And besides some albums were missed on that disc.

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