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SV: [Powderworks] Online DVD orders - other options

Björn Blomquist bjorn.blomquist at mbox301.swipnet.se
Wed Apr 7 10:09:44 MDT 2004

Actually there must be another problem. I have both cookies and
javascript enabled, and the same fault happens at my computer at work
too... Doesn't the Whammo site state somewhere that it's not yet
designed for the "later" versions of Exporer, Windows, or something like
that? If so, they should fix it!
Is there anyone else experiencing the same problems?
Anyway, I just ordered my dvd/cd package from dvdorchard.com.au instead.
Their version is for all regions (1-6), but on other places, like HMV,
the same title was coded ONLY for Region 4. Am I right? Beware all you
non-Aussies! The cost for the disc was actually a little cheaper here
than on Whammo; don't know about the shipping though, which I found
Is one title normally released in more than one format at once? I mean,
what's the point with both an all-region AND a region 4 at the same
time? Why does Whammo has it as a region 0 while HMV has it as region 4?

When I just tried to order from Whammo, that bloody site doesn't work
properly! As soon as click "add to basket" all I get is a blank page...
Then there is a blank page wherever I go on that site. Strange...

You need to have cookies and Javascript enabled! Could be that? Worked
OK for me!

This DVD is all region I hope? Because I made the mistake of buying a
dvd player that only plays region 2 (and all region, of course) discs. I
know it's PAL so that's no problem.

According to the site it's all region (region 0) PAL. The last one was
this, and works fine on my PAL DVD player.

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