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[Powderworks] The new oils DVD!

Jackson Hill jackson_h at optushome.com.au
Tue Apr 6 20:14:06 MDT 2004

Hello all fellow Powderworkers,

I managed to finally purchase the new Oils 'Best of both Worlds' DVD yesturday that I've been waiting so long for, and I was blown away!
The picture and sound quality of both gigs is fantastic, and it is a credit to the guys who've found the stuff, and put it all back together.
One thing I didn't understand though, is why the entire Capitol Theatre gig is not on the disc? some songs are missing. I have a copy of the gig on CD (Audio) and noticed that there are all the songs on that, and not all the songs on the DVD? Why is this so?
Hopefully the Oils can get back together for a few 'farewell gigs' as a sort of 'send off.'

All in all though, a fantastic DVD, and one that I'm sure I'll get plenty of enjoyment out of.

Jackson H

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