Midnight Oil

SV: [Powderworks] Online DVD orders?? What are the best options

Björn Blomquist bjorn.blomquist at mbox301.swipnet.se
Mon Apr 5 06:31:38 MDT 2004

When I just tried to order from Whammo, that bloody site doesn't work
properly! As soon as click "add to basket" all I get is a blank page...
Then there is a blank page wherever I go on that site. Strange...
This DVD is all region I hope? Because I made the mistake of buying a
dvd player that only plays region 2 (and all region, of course) discs. I
know it's PAL so that's no problem.
Will this dvd/cd package be available somewhere in Europe, does anybody
know? If so, when?
I'm expecting to be able ordering it from Whammo soon, but just in
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Ämne: Re: [Powderworks] Online DVD orders?? What are the best options

I just ordered mine from WHAMMO. It works out at just under £18 air
mailed to the UK. They were quite fast on the last Oil's DVD.

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