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[Powderworks] More musings on Oils songs

Kevin Haiduk khaiduk at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 4 13:27:21 MDT 2004

I rarely sing to emails!

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>So my fellow Workers, which song of the Oils has the greatest artistic
merit?  Which one shows the highest degree of musicianship as a
composition and as a performance? - Beth

This is like asking a devote Christian which passage of the bible best
encapsulates their faith.

I could never begin to pick a favourite composition or to select just
one song from their awesome performances.

That said, one of my favourite songs lyrically is "Sleep" from Red Sails
in the Sunset. 

So you've got the blues
The evening wore out your shoes
To a shuffling beat
It's a colourful crowd
Spraycan information
Cover the lonely station
Checkpoint for the state of the nation

On the missionbeat beat
The radio drug
Wayward destinations
Secondhand sensation
In the back of the cell
The plug and the cord
Shoulder dislocation
Bruised in isolation

In the eye of the storm
Writing on walls
Cross my heart confusion
Looking for a new solution

It's the heat of the land
Swallowing sweat
Say those dreams can shake me
Dawn come down and save me

Take this heart
Break this heart
Wrap it up and let me sleep


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