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[Powderworks] GOT IT!!

Justin H justinh at jeack.com.au
Sun Apr 4 00:50:52 MST 2004

NTSC discussions in progress I believe.
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       Any word on whether or not this will be available in the NTSC format???  I'd love to pick it up!



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    Bugger I preordered it on the net and have'nt got it yet.

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      People of Australia,

      Go to your nearest ABC Shop like I just did in my lunchbreak and you too can be the proud owner

      of the DVD TODAY! I now have one DVD/CD  waiting to be taken home and played immediately. Just have to wait til I actually get there- only 5 hours to go. Gosh, they're going to seem very long. Like they say in the Toyota ad, WOOHOO!!!!!!!

      For those not near an ABC Shop, http://www.shop.abc.net.au/ 

      Good Luck People, from Overjoyed Jo :)

      "On the fields and farms of England, on the airstrips of the desert and the jungle, in the hangars of the Persian Gulf and on the tarmacs of the southern islands, I have walked and talked with God."

      Tom Cutter. Round The Bend, Nevil Shute.


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