Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] DVD

[name removed] damienwieland at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 3 17:47:17 MST 2004

Hey folks,
                    Some of the crew came over last night to listen to the J 
file and then watch the DVD. Note to
all Oils fans out there get Danny Iwanow over to watch the DVD with you and 
it's just like being down the   front at one of the shows again, as he can't 
help but jump up and down, sing, dance, push, shove and hit anyone that gets 
in his way while viewing the performance! (yes all this did happen in my 
lounge room). Must say Capitol looks and sounds so awesome (glad i have a 
nice widescreen TV because it looks a real treat). Justin's colour work is 
amazing (it's really nice and dark, and makes it feel like you are right 
back there in 1982, in that little theatre with that no bull shit hardcore 
rock and roll band, playing it like nobody else ever could). The 5.1 sound 
mix is a killer (with Capitol being the best, by a mile). The louder you 
play it the better it gets (note to my neighbors...sorry if you or the cops 
were knocking on my front door last night as there was not a chance we could 
hear you over the power of the Oils!).  Tip for finding the bonus 
clip...Look for Justin's face and cover it up with the sprint hand and click 
your remote and you will find more capitol magic!

Thanks again to Justin for going the distance with this one (it's better 
than one could have hoped!).

Rock on!


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