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cam normac camone at arthole.alphalink.com.au
Sat Apr 3 12:38:17 MST 2004

G'day All,

after seeing the recent ABC broadcast of the goat island gig, i was struck (as i always am) at just how amazing Moginie and Rotsey are (not to mention the rest of the band), Rotsey's solos in particular have always stood out to me as so abstract and unique, he's really incomparable to any other guitarist (at least in my range of musical experience, it's odd that they're both not more recognised in guitar player circles etc, being a gear nerd myself i'm always curious to find out how certain sounds are made so i was wondering if anyone has any any info on the various effects and set-ups the Oils used, i'm mainly interested in the giffo era, perhaps the guys in the Midnight Oil Show might know? any info anyone could provide me with would be greatly appreciated,

i can't wait to get my copy of the DVD, having nearly worn out my VHS of both gigs! hooray for Justin i say. speaking of the DVD and live footage in general one of my favourite live versions of any song anywhere is the version of Short Memory on the 20,000 watt RSL vid (from the sydney entertainment centre from memory) does anyone know if there's any more footage of that gig floating about??

there's a lot of "any"s in this e-mail,

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