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[Powderworks] Gear query - tone quest

Bruce Robertson the_oil_fish at yahoo.ca
Fri Apr 2 23:11:50 MST 2004

Greetings Lovers of Oil Tone,
Hey, can anybody help me nail the tone for the intro to "River Runs Red?" I am okay with the chords and voicings, but the exact tone/gear set up is somewhat elusive.
I'm guessing Jim is playing the chords with a Les Paul set 'in-between' with both pickups slightly out of phase. Either that or he is using a very mild phaser of some sort. I could be all wrong as I sometimes hear a woodier sound, like maybe his trusty Gretsche...
Anyway, I"m most curious about whether it's Jim playing a Gibson, and if so, is that a phaser? Or doth mine ears deceive??
Fretfully yours,
bruce in calgary
ps. I'm also guessing the amp is an older Fender Deluxe.  :)

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