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[Powderworks] diseal and dust

Bruce Robertson the_oil_fish at yahoo.ca
Fri Apr 2 22:54:16 MST 2004

Forgive the NMOC but as a prairie boy, I must ask:
What kind of crops grow in that dry land? It looks forsaken, but the ground is clearly furroughed, by the sweat of some poor farmer's brow no doubt.
Our own dryland is littered with countless similar scenes of long last family farms, and while many are equally forlorn, few are quite so stark and barren-looking as the example in your picture. Most were once worked by families who were displaced by large agro-corporations or monopolizing interests of some sort. I'm assuming that's the point of the Oils putting that picture on the cover of D and D. (though it reminds me more of lyrics from Truganini...)
Anyway, my question is what would grow there?
bruce in calgary

Anna Offler <aoffler at iprimus.com.au> wrote:
( the rainfall line that marks whether you can plant
crops). The Homestead must be outside Burra and dry country. Been to Burra
many years ago but cant remember seeing this place.
Lew and Anna

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