Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Justin I want to have your babies!

Jeff and Jane Scott jscott at iinet.net.au
Fri Apr 2 01:17:12 MST 2004

g'day all

just watching the new DVD for the first time and it is awesome!  never
have i been so excited about a release of stuff i've seen/heard before!

I'll send some more comprehensive comments when I've actually watched it
all.  At the moment I'm halfway through the Capitol Theatre, and
needless to say the sound and picture quality is a little better than my
nth generation VHS tape!

Also had the Goat Island CD in the car on the way home, and that sounds
great too!  The clarity of the guitar sound at the beginning of
"Generals" (as far as I got before I was home) blew me away!

Well done Justin and the rest of the team, look forward to your next