Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] GOT IT!!

synne at isic.org synne at isic.org
Thu Apr 1 22:43:35 MST 2004

Imagine my shock, my joy, my overwhelming sense of 'the-world-is-
perfect-and-life-is-amazing' when I walked into Red Eye Records 
yesterday and found, staring right at me, new, unheard-by-me, 
wonderful Oils material.. Bloody expensive, and I don't have a 
functioning DVD in Oz, but whatever! Imagine the grin on my face as 
the first few bars of Short Memory trickled in my Oils-starved ears 
on the ferry home to Manly.. Having left Norway without my record 
collection, it's been a long time.. Went straight home to sign up to 
this list again, shrieking in joy as I found it still active. Have 
been out of the Oils-loop for a year, been out of all loops for a 
year, and my loop back home in Norway was very small anyhow, as the 
only creature that would tolerate my hours of Oils was my gold fish.. 
Never heard him complain once. And now my flatties can complain all 
they want, I'm born again and I'm gonna rock.

Life is good.

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