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[Powderworks] NMOC: Ghosttown - Photos of Chernobyl Area 2004

Bruce Robertson the_oil_fish at yahoo.ca
Thu Apr 1 13:22:32 MST 2004

Thanks, Kate, for another very worthwhile link. It will be helpful with my kids when we do the former USSR, and with our eco. units. Very powerful stuff - the images I mean, as well as the radio-toxicity.
And how startling to hear someone speak plainly about "beginning to repopulate the area as early as 900 years from now..." That's a view rarely contemplated in this age of the moment eh?
I'm listening to Michael Hedges "Java Man" as I write. It's a piece inspired by the bones of a Neanderthal. I wonder if HE could relate to the Ghosttown images? (the Neanderthal that is!!)
Isn't nuclear power a bit like having a tiger by the tail?....exhilarating until it turns around and suddenly you're on the menu.
Please keep us posted re: that book idea you mentioned.
Cheers from true north,
bruce in calgary

Kate_Adams <Kate_Adams at uml.edu> wrote:
Greetings Powderworkers ...

Ever wanted to vicariously tour a nuclear holocaust zone? Wonder how your
snug abode might look twenty years after terrorists put a good size
artillery shell in an unarmored spent fuel pool (like the ones the NRC
refuses to protect because it costs too much)?


Ghosttown: A Ride Through the Chernobyl Area.

My brother-in-law works for a publishing and catalog company catering to
motorcycle enthusiasts. I sent him the link, and now he wants to talk to
this woman about putting together a book. I think her pictures alone are
worth billions of words.


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