Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] some questions

Aliester Crowley aliestercrowleyy@hotmail.com
Mon, 29 Sep 2003 21:57:57 +0000

Hello folks!!.......some questions

1. Which was the last oils album released by the powderworks label? and the 
first one released by columbia?  Do we know anything about the terms or 
conditions of the contract between the Oils and columbia?  a number of 
albums to be released in a certain period or something like that?

2-What does "sprint" means? is it a minilabel for the oils inside columbia 
which distinguishes the band? where does it come from?

3-How did they get in touch with some of their producers? for example Glyn 
Johns, Nick Launa, Keith Walker or Francois Kevorkian?

4-I´m aware of some information regarding A&M Records having made an offer 
to the Oils at the time they were recording the PWPostcard. is it true? why 
the oils or A&M  refused?


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