Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Breathe as an EP

Mike Blackwood mikeb@cs.mun.ca
Sat, 27 Sep 2003 09:09:12 -0230 (NDT)

Want to have an awesome Breathe-era Oils disk, but were soundly 
disappointed with most of Breathe?  Burn off the following "Breathe EP", 
as I did yesterday!  I took the 3 Breathe tracks that I felt were totally 
successful (if poorly produced), plus the one great Breathe b-side, and 
Gravelrash just to keep the closing tracks the same between album and 

Mike's "Breathe EP"
1) E-Beat
2) Bring On The Change
3) Barest Degree
4) Smash The Wobbleboard
5) Gravelrash

All 5 tracks are inescapably "Breathe-y", but avoid the "spoiling touch" 
that TO ME seem to cripple the other potentially great Breathe tracks (ie 
Peter doing ill-advised vocal contortions on some tracks <he should leave 
the falsettos to Bono!>, exceedingly bland production, god-awful country 
flourishes, tepid rhythm sections, etc).  Also, according to the survey 
done on Powderworks ages ago, the 1st 3 tracks on my "EP" are by far the 
most universally liked on Breathe (check out the Dead Heart website for 
more survey results), so I doubt my tracklisting is off-base in terms of 
whether it would have been well-recieved as an official EP.

Also, the 5 tracks seem to flow realy well in the above order.

Pointless post on my part?  Probably.  But I'm at work 45 minutes early 
and killing time....  ;-)