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[Powderworks] Breathe as a full album

Virgil Thomas Alexander Morant vmorant@wcoil.com
Wed, 24 Sep 2003 13:30:35 -0400

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> At 05:38 PM 9/23/03 -0400, Virgil Thomas Alexander Morant wrote:
> >The phrase "putrid country crap" seems to suggest a general disdain for
> >country and western music (correct me if that's a wrong inference), so,
> >far as that goes, what can one say in response, if the whole genre of
> >is rejected?
> Deity-of-your-choice only knows I've heard alot of country music, good and
> bad.  For pure country pleasure, One Too Many Times beats Home
> IMHO.  Simple, sweet, and twangy as all get out.

Indeed I believe I recall this from one of Johnny Cash's last interviews.

Larry King: "What makes a good country song, Johnny?"

Johnny Cash: "Well, Larry, I'll tell ya in three words.  Twangy, twangy, and
twangy.  As all get out, no less.  That's real country."