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[Powderworks] Andropovosphere and Oz Artists Booking

ALEXEI alexeis@usa.net
Wed, 24 Sep 2003 15:19:16 +0300

Nope, I've never experienced such interruptions when watching movies...  It
did happen to me, though, twice: once at a food store and once in the street. 
On one occasion I was simply asked why I walked so freely during business
hours, on the other I (along with a dozen other people, a pregnant woman among
them) was taken to a police station and questioned in a more formal manner.  I
showed my student's card and said there were no classes and was let go. 
Please don't get me wrong: when I said that people were taken away, I did not
mean they were executed or anything, no!  People were fined, had other
administrative penalties, would be stripped of their bonus payments but that
is it.  And the idiocy lasted for not more than two or three months. 
Everybody old enough still remember it but no-one makes a fuss of it.  Sorry
if I sounded it was something absolutely awful.

I am still interested, though, what the term means...  Could it mean the
former socialist bloc because Andropov's was the era when the Soviet Union was
doing its best to preserve the integrity of its camp?

I am still in the former SU.  Your question about how and if we like the
advent of capitalism here will be answered differently by people from
different strata of society, and answers will be way too long to include them
here.  It's neither black nor white.  I think most people agree that there is
no other way to go, trying to re-invent the wheel means more suffering and is
simply a loss of time and effort, but of course many are unhappy seeing the
country's riches appropriated by the selected few who were quick or
industrious enough to make a move and bite off a nice share of the wealth for
themselves...  The period all FSU countries are in right now is that similar
to that in the U.S., with entrepreneurs having this mentality of "feudal
barons".  I hope that gives you some picture, at least.

On the Australian music note, I saw off an Australian female singer this past
Monday whose visit here I had organized.  Her name is Kitto and her
three-piece live performance at a club in Minsk kicked ass!  I am trying on a
new hat--that of a booking agent for Australian artists in Belarus!  Maybe one
day I'll get Damien and his band over here ;-)


jeffm@jeack.com.au wrote:

Hi Alexei,

Wow, this mail is very interesting in itself.

Did that "theatre thing" happen to you?  That must have been terrifying.

Can you see anything bad about the implementation of capitalism in the
Former Soviet Union?  Do you have the opinion that it was good and bad? 
And are you still in the Soviet Union?  (I know your mail address ends in
usa.net, but stranger things have happened! :) )



>Interesting... having lived in the Soviet Union all my life I never heard>
>term... who was it coined by and what does it refer to?  I do remember
>period very, very vividly, though (was 21-22 then): there you are sitting>
in a
>movie theater during the day, and the lights come up and all exits are
>and some special units move in to check everybody's reasons for not being>
>work during business hours, and taking away those who did not sound
>or had no excuse...  Andropov had been head of the KGB for many years
>he was elected to succeed Brezhnev, and hence these methods of his to
>discipline people.  I don't recall any resemblance of discussion in the
>post-Soviet media with regard to the reasons of his passing.  It is known>
>a fact that Andropov was a very sick man even before he took charge of
>country.  It is widely believed, though, that Andropov's attempts to
>some order to the country predated many components of Gorbachov's
>policies aimed at reviving initiative, etc.  The message being, he used
>techniques just because he did not know any other.
>>It's "Andropovosphere" and it refers to a Yuri Andropov, very briefly
th>e >
>>leader of the Soviet Union in the 1980s prior to the Glasnost of
>>and the collapse of communist rule.  As I recall, Andropov was very >
>>reclusive and very possibly murdered, given the length of his tenure.
>>At 12:31 PM 9/24/03 -1000, you wrote:
>>>i am loathe to ask, because i know somewhere in the powdies deep dark
>>>this subject was covered, but does anyone know to what the
>>>"androporosphere" refers?
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