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Kate Parker Adams kate@dnki.net
Sun, 21 Sep 2003 12:15:57 -0400

Like just about anything Oils, even the songs off Breathe are much better 
played live.  I've heard e-beat and common ground in concert and they go 
over quite well.

On that note, I had Gravelrash going though my head last night (as well as 
covering my right foot and shin ...) while returning from a 100 mile 
coastal bike ride capped off by an hour of bodyboarding in lingering swells 
from Isabel.  I realized that I had Breathe in the car and dropped it in 
the CD player (e-beat, gravelrash, underwater - NOT surf's up!).

I really think Breathe should have been an EP, although I doubt there could 
be any consensus on which songs would be on it.  Some of my tossaways are 
another's favourite.  Group-editing it down by five songs would make for an 
interesting scrum ...


A couple years ago I did find one good use for Breathe in its 
entirety.  When I heard Oils tickets were going on sale in early September, 
2001, I decided that maybe I hadn't given that album a fair go.  On 
beautifully sunny early fall morning I dropped it in my pack to take to 
work.  I was working in another office that day, planning to play it when I 
got back to my own.  I ended up listening to it all the way through when I 
returned - while curled into a fetal position around the subwoofer under my 
desk - after a morning of internal hysteria and caring for and calming 
those with likely or known losses when the planes came crashing down.  I 
biked home (good thing - highways shut, transit system down) with that most 
post-apocolyptic Barest Degree running about my gray matter.  Breathe's 
muted yet desperate negative vibe with it's tinge of hope makes wonderful 
world-coming-to-an-end thumb-sucking music, that's for sure.

At 04:01 PM 9/21/03 +0800, Jeff and Jane Scott wrote:

> > From: Beth Curran
> >
> > It just hit me......
> > Whichever one of you poor devils had to do Breathe deserves extra
> > commendation.
> > *snicker* - Beth
>Breathe was in fact the last one to be done.  It looked like possibly being
>left out altogether as it was missing three songs (or at least that was the
>reason everyone gave!), so I did it for the sake of completing the set.
>But I have to say I did enjoy putting those tracks together just as much as
>any of my other contributions.
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