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  Travis has asked me to post this to the list as for some reason his posts 
can't get though (maybe he is
  blocked for always causing trouble). so i'd better add something to really 
make it a typical Travis post.....
  "all you  #$%@'s who hate redneck wonderland can go #$%@ yourself you 

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>From: "Travis Zanoni" <travis_zanoni@hotmail.com>
>To: example@example.com
>Subject: Re: Land
>Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 23:32:09 +0000
>Hi Damien,
>Can you post this to the list for me...I can't seem to get anything through 
>these days!
>As far as I know......Land was pretty much a song of Jim's with a little 
>help from Rob.  I'm guessing that all the other credits are due to those 
>people writing the lyrics for the verse that they sing.  When the Oils 
>performed it by themselves the first two or three verses all had different 
>lyrics to the recorded version....only Pete's was the same.  Rob and Bones 
>would sing the opening verses.
>On the recorded version Martin and Rob play acoustics.  The drums are 
>provided by Daniel Lanois' drummer....who is awesome and has a similar 
>style to Rob.  Jim plays the loud grumpy electric...and for you guitar 
>buffs it's probably one of the few recordings in existence of Jim playing a 
>Strat.  he has never played Strat's much and said he felt 'all at sea' on 
>this one.  Never got around to asking why he used it.
>PS - Again for you fans of the Moginie/Rotsey combo, apparently they both 
>play on the new album by Alex Lloyd, however at this stage I know neither 
>on which songs, or if on any of the same songs as the twin attack they are 
>so very very good at.

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