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[Powderworks] Seeking Oilish Music With A Conscience

Beth Curran bcurran@columbus.rr.com
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It ain't music, but I heard today of the death at age 100 of Leni
Riefenstahl, adventuress, athlete, and pioneering filmmaker, whose
subject was the Third Reich. Some years ago I was flipping channels and
saw the title of a film that was just starting: "The Wonderful, Horrible
Life of Leni Riefenstahl."  I had no idea who she was but was attracted
by the title.  It was incredible.  SHE was incredible.  I've been
fascinated by her ever since.  She was like some human tyrannosaur,
ripping her way through life and fuck-all to whoever got in her
way....with a horrifying innocence, as if that was simply how Nature
made her, just as Nature produced the tyrannosaur.  One reads often of
the cliché of science without conscience.  What of art without
conscience?  And she produced some incredible art.  Now there's a
whopper of a moral dilemma for your students, Bruce! - Beth

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<Virgil wrote
<Now, if no one mentions Edwin Starr under the topic of war, then the
end of
the world is indeed nigh.
< Have ye workers no sense of pop music history?  Top 40.  Huh!  Good
ya'll!  What is it good for!

Absolutely Nothin. I'll say it again.

Hey Here some oldies for ya on war.

War Pigs by Black Sabbath when Ozzy was a Rock Singer not a Schlock
Sky Pilot By Eric Burden - Note the sound effects at the end. And then
course Eric Burden and War.
Hard Rains Gonna Fall - Dylan and others
Only Nineteen - Redgum

technology and change
Social justice

Someone mentioned the Kinks - All God's Children - Bside to Lola
Everybody's A Star album eg Complicated Life. Ray is just brilliant.
Starting from the earlier songs like Waterloo Sunset, Deadend Street and
Well Respected Man. Proved that Rock can be more than just love songs.

Lew and Anna

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