Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Seeking Oilish Music With A Conscience

Henry Longmore Henry.Krit.Longmore@m.cc.utah.edu
Mon, 8 Sep 2003 13:13:37 -0600 (MDT)

Ahoy, Bruce!  I've snuck away from my task master to get a little bit
less behind on powderworks messagess. :)
(recommendations in Artist - Song - Album format)

 }war and peace
	The Cranberries - Zombie - No Need To Argue
 }economics - capitalism, centrally planned, pros and cons, etc...
	Coldplay - Politik - A Rush Of Blood To The Head
	Blues Traveler - Closing Down The Park - Live From The Fall (Disc 1)
		(also could go under social justice)
 }poverty/social justice
	Blues Traveler - Freedom - Four
	Blues Traveler - 100 Years - Blues Traveler
	Natalie Merchant - Carnival - Tigerlily
	Natalie Merchant - Saint Judas - Motherland
	10,000 Maniacs - What's The Matter Here - In My Tribe (also on MTV Unplugged)
	10,000 Maniacs - I'm Not The Man - Our Time In Eden
	Blues Traveler - Go Outside & Drive - Save His Soul
	The Jayhawks - Mr. Wilson - Smile
	The Jayhawks - Dead End Angel - Blue Earth
	The Jayhawks - Tailspin - Rainy Day Music
	Natalie Merchant - Tell Yourself - Motherland

I've only just begun to get to know these bands' songs, so you may
also want to check out their websites:

www.thejayhawks.net (from Minnesota)
 }This is part of my exit project at grad school - a kind of
 }interactive and practice-based assignment instead of a thesis - so
 }if any of you have the time to post suggestions, I would be very

Sounds like a good project.  Have fun w/it!

-Henry K., retreating to his cave (or, as it's almost time for class,
to his book on Operating Systems Concepts)