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[Powderworks] Fwd: Backsliders at the Muster

Garry Norris g_j_norris@hotmail.com
Thu, 04 Sep 2003 10:57:51 +0000

>Hi workers
>Backsliders went off at the Muster !!!!!!
>Played the Blues Bar Friday and Saturday Night to packed houses
>The best way to describe this Arena is a large tent not much different to a
>Circus tent commonly used in Australia with two large metal poles  winched
>up the centre and 40 to 50 poles 200mm in Diameter leaning outward  100
>metres X 40 metres
>The stage area wasn't much more than 10 X 10 metres
>I managed to catch the Saturday show
>Caught Rob's eye and got a smile.........or was that because i was wearing
>Black Oil's shirt with yellow hand on it
>  After the very first song, it was to be a big night
>8pm, Outside temperature approaching zero rapidly, inside in single
>  Rob's back smoking from the heat generated from belting the pig skins
>Original Set list as follows ( Yes i managed to score it after the show)
>Thinking Man
>Wild Talk
>I wish you could
>Black top road
>Black Wind
>Got to move
>Son of the father
>You three
>- - - - - - - -
>Radio waves
>Rest of night
>Black wind is the last i remember before they were asked to finish because
>they still had two more acts to follow
>Two more encore songs but to be honest i'm not sure which one's they chose
>Their show went overtime by an hour  because they had a late start
>(technical difficulties) and the crowd wouldn't let them finish even though
>the stage MC tried.
>I managed to score set list but I had left the wife to listen to Casey
>Chambers while i went to the Backsliders so i didn't get to hang around to
>see if i could chat to Rob or maybe score a drum stick......... i've been
>chasing one for 20 years now
>Not to worry next year perhaps!!!!!
>I did hear that a very attractive blonde bimbo got a stick ......surprise
>surprise but Rob didn't throw them to the crowd like years gone by
>Rob really enjoyed himself and he has fit in well
>We even got a drum solo which included a drumming expedition around the
>stage on anything that he could drum including speakers, wheelchair, floor
>and mic stands. The old beaten up bean shaker got a mention from an Oil's
>tour of Brazil and his drum kit was bought at a second hand shop in the
>Blue mountains
>       If you can imagine a large natural hill with permanent stage capable
>of holding 75000 people on it to watch Casey chambers
>the crowd was a record so they put another act on after Casey to slow the
>crowd exit
>Well the next act Sensitive new age cowpersons ( quite good hailing from
>perth WA) were finishing their last song and there was my wife asleep with
>no one within 50 metres of her waiting patiently for me .........what a
>lovely girl
>I had plans to go back with the wife but when i got to the door the crowd
>outside waiting to get in was about 200 and they had been waiting for 45
>They were trying to get in to see Ian Moss ( ex Cold Chisel) but if only
>they knew of the show they just missed !!!!!
>       I manage to get about 20 digital shots of Backsliders, mostly of the
>three guy's but a few of just Rob.
>I think a few will show the smoke coming of rob's back and out of his mouth
>if you have a good monitor
>If anyone would like these off the list , just email me as i don't want to
>clog the list
>till next time good luck with whatever you choose to do
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