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Physicists and Psycophants (and others) ...
I'm no astrophysicist, but I have degrees in Engineering and IT and Lucky 
There was a very enthusiastic essay by one PW on "what if/is  ... ?".
.. I am presently reading the classic text "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle 
Maintenance" and have been surprised to find that so far (p130/411) it 
seems to be mostly a rational, scientific critique of rational thought 
schemas and the formal scientific method. (His pricipal concern with SM is 
in the basis for selection of hypoeses, being intuitive - as noted by Mr 
Einstein - and feasably infinite in number, hence experimentation is always  
inconclusive, leaving only "truth for a while".)
If you haven't read it (and/or your approach to science is akin to that of 
religion - that you have to defend it to the death) you may think this sounds 
like turd, but if you have and extracted value, I'd be interested in some 
banter ... 


On 30 Oct 2003 at 12:00, Duncan wrote:
> Well if we're all coming out of the closet, then I got a PhD in 
> astrophysics ...
> Duncan
> Helen Heyes wrote:
> > Oh well, what the heck. I too am a physicist. ...
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