Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] NMOC: My New Hybrid Car

Janice Coleman jec_coleman at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 20 20:46:18 MDT 2003

Okay, I'm a bit late checking my e-mail, but, yes, I have a hybrid Honda 

I have had it for almost a year and I love it.  The gas mileage, the feel of 
it, and the knowledge that I am at least not impacting the environment so 
much.  What makes me sick are the HumV's I see on the road.  Especially when 
just one person is in there, dropping their kid off at school.  Do you think 
California's new governor, Arnold, will give up his HumV to set a good 
example?  I think not!


>From: Glitch <sena.reisenweaver at verizon.net>
>To: <powderworks at cs.colorado.edu>
>Subject: [Powderworks] NMOC: My New Hybrid Car
>Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2003 16:09:43 -0400
>Hi all,
>Just wanted to share my joy at having recently purchased a hybrid car.  In
>case any environmentally-minded powderworkers are interested, I got the
>Honda Civic Hybrid and am so far exceedingly psyched with its performance!
>I discovered today that Capricornia makes great driving music in my new 
>It sounded a little heavy on the treble but once I adjusted it sounded
>Plus I feel very self-righteous when I come to stop-lights and my car
>automatically shuts off.
>Does anyone else have a hybrid car and if so, what do you have?
>-Glitch Baby
>got your last meal filled up with pesticide
>hamburger chain third world infanticide
>got robot car your job will disappear
>it's called the politics of a brand new year
>some say that's progress i say that's cruel
>--midnight oil
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