Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Willie's Bar & Grill

Kelly Morris km97mo@yahoo.com
Mon, 6 Oct 2003 20:10:58 -0700 (PDT)

I thought the book was great.  Mr. Hirst is obviously
an extremely intelligent and perceptive person and I
enjoyed reading his perspective on post-911 America. 
I also enjoyed reading about the touring life and
humorous anecdotes about the band.  The only thing
missing are photos from the tour.  (Doesn't Rob
mention somewhere in the book that Bones offered
pictures? What happened with that?!!)  For his first
book, it is extremely well written.  The worst thing I
can think to say about Willie's Bar & Grill is that at
times he went a bit heavy on the alliteration and
consonance in his writing, but that's just the song
writer/poet coming out.  Overall I found the style of
the book very attractive.  The guy knows how to write.

I can understand why you'd be upset about him
criticizing Cleveland since you have an attachement to
the place, but I doubt there are many Americans who
would call it the jewel of American cities.  Please
don't take that personally.  

As for the book being more open to American audiences,
well, it wasn't even released or published in the
States so what do you expect?  If the book's only
being published in Australia then it makes sense that
it would be more directed at an Australian audience.  

Not everyone likes the same writing styles, but give
the guy some credit.  It's hard to get a book
published.  I hope he writes more.


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