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[Powderworks] And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda

simon tracy plumpandmoist at yahoo.com.au
Sun Nov 30 15:57:59 MST 2003

It is by an expat Scottish folk singer called Eric
Bogle who was inpired to write it after watching an
ANZAC parade in Adelaide in the 70's. It's a bit of a
mill stone for him, it's the song that everyone at his
shows waits around for him to sing, and over the years
he's picked up some historical inaccuracies in his
original lyrics (the tin hat he refers to wasn't used
by the AIF until 1917). It does mean a lot to people
in Australia, and as is often the case it can take a
foreigner to point out things that may be taken for
granted, like solemn pride and rememberance for the
sacrifice people made in war and that the numbers of
people marching in the parade are growing fewer (the
last Australian who fought at Gallipolli died last
year). Oh, and The Pogues did the definitive version.

 --- Randy Van Vliet <bigdaddyrv at yahoo.com> wrote: > I
was listening to the OilsLive Rare tracks and I am
> wondering about this song.  Is it a "regular"
> patriotic type song sung in Austrailia?  (It sounds
> like an ANZAC memorial me.)  It certainly isn't an
> Oils type of song.  I noticed it was recorded on
> October 10.  I know that isn't ANZAC day, does it
> have any other significance?  Just wondering.
> Randy
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