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Anna Offler aoffler at iprimus.com.au
Sat Nov 29 05:10:02 MST 2003

Who cares about the Rah Rahs or Short Necks. Cricket is what counts. And AFL
in winter.

Re Meanings I have to agree some are obscure to me as well so how much more
to a Non-Oz worker.

One for Glyn - this has an Oz background seeing as how it is situated in my
State of South Australia

Maralinga on 10,9...1 - Song is about the traditional Aboriginal owners of a
native reserve being forcibly removed by the Australia government or in some
cases not warned of British Atomic tests held at Maralinga in the Outback.
The land is still poisoned and off limits. And they have not been
compensated , nor the service people used in tests who have suffered early
deaths and their children have birth defects.
"In the wind the ashes fly....

And now they want to give us toxic waste dumps. John Howard is a chip off
Bob Menzies block. send us back to the fifties.
Lew and Anna
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       bloody jealous rugby league supporters.......you should all be jailed
for treason   :-)
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    This is as close as I've seen:


    To be honest I was pleased the Poms won. League's where it's at ;)


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