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[Powderworks] Song Meanings

bgerkes bgerkes at synthmusic.info
Fri Nov 28 02:41:55 MST 2003

on 28-11-2003 09:32, Mathias Hermansson at hermanator51 at hotmail.com wrote:

> I remember PG, when talking to the crowd on stage, say something like "Now
> we're going to play a song about the rich countrys not always paying back to
> the poor ones the values they have taken from them" (or something like that)
> and then they played "Blue Sky Mine".
> That's one song. Anything else?

Well, that is a quite obvious one, but I struggle with others that are not
so clear (at least not to me). Like "Barest degree" for instance. It seems
like a religious song but I am not sure.
"Poets and slaves", "Under the overpass", "safety chain blues"... Very
interesting lyrics (and great songs!) but unfortunately I have no clue what
they are about :-)))