Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Backsliders

Frosty chris_frost at optushome.com.au
Wed Nov 26 03:50:41 MST 2003

Hi Workers,

Thought I would sent a belated note about the Backsliders show at the
Basement on 20 November.

First of all a great show as always, the show was webcast so hopefully some
of you caught a glimpse. Highlight of the night was definitely an
unannounced set by the Ghostwriters. Well a stripped down version anyway,
consisting of Rob Hirst, Lee Maloney and Rick Hammond. They played a four or
five song acoustic set before the Backsliders started.

If only it could have been a Backsliders/Ghosties/Oils triple bill!

Backsliders announced a Xmas show at the Empire Hotel, Annandale on Dec13,
and Rob mentioned a new Ghostwriters record in the new year.