Midnight Oil

SV: [Powderworks] 10 year anniversary

Bjorn Blomquist bjorn.blomquist at mbox301.swipnet.se
Wed Nov 19 08:35:46 MST 2003

> Today is the 19th of november 2003, and what is so special 
> about that? Well, 
> today is the 10 year anniversary of me seeing the Oils live 
> for the first 
> time. It is also the ten year anniversary of my latest 
> (last?) Oils show. 

Thanks for reminding me. I actually was at the same show (in
Gothenburg), and it was my first and last Oil concert too!

I bought a long-sleeve shirt after the show, which I haven't worn since
about 8 years ago I think... Actually I have never liked that one very
much; a small E&S&M logo on the front and a BIG "stone dudes" picture on
the back.

I didn't know the concert was this very date, although I've still got
the ticket in a drawer somewhere (used to have it on my notice board)...

/Bjorn - who was only 17 at that particular evening...