Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] 10 year anniversary

Mathias Hermansson hermanator51 at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 18 23:40:00 MST 2003

Hurdy Gurdy mo beloved whackers of the world!

Today is the 19th of november 2003, and what is so special about that? Well, 
today is the 10 year anniversary of me seeing the Oils live for the first 
time. It is also the ten year anniversary of my latest (last?) Oils show. As 
I am now 30 years old, you can yourselves calculate that I was 20 years of 
age the 19th of november 1993, and that one third of my life to date has 
passed since then. Sigh.

Anyway, today I am celebrating this by wearing my now ten year old "Earth & 
Sun & Moon European Tour 93"-T-shirt, which I bought after the concert 
mentioned above. One of my collegues tried to read the words on the back of 
this t-shirt but she didn't quite succeed, partly as a result of the shirt 
being completely worn out, and partly due to her never having heard of the 
band :-(


(From memory, the setlist was:
Feeding Frenzy
Put Down That Weapon
Blue Sky Mine
King of the Mountain
Tell Me the Truth
My Country
In the Valley
Sell My Soul
Beds are Burning
Forgotten Years
The Dead Heart
Now or Never Land
Power and the Passion

Electrons are very tiny little particles
which you cannot see unless you have been drinking.
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