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[Powderworks] NMOC. MP3 to Wav

JCC jccuneo at bellsouth.net
Tue Nov 18 13:41:33 MST 2003


A couple different ways to go about doing what you want.  You can use a 
lossless compressor like Monkey's Audio, which will compress them to about 
1/2 the space.  You can then expand the files back into .wav files 
perfectly if needed.  You can play these in players like Winamp just like a 
.wav or mp3.

Or you can go MP3.  Programs like Nero will burn straight from MP3 to 
CD.  MP3 is lossy, so you need to burn at a relatively high rate to keep 
quality up - like 192k or so.

Take care.

>Hi there,
>Sorry about the NMOC, but can anyone answer a question or 2 on MP3 and Wav 
>files. I have loads of WAV files using up my memory. If I convert them to 
>MP3 files to save space, can I burn straight from an MP3 file to a normal 
>CD disc, or does it only burn as an MP3 disc? Also is the sound quality of 
>an MP3 less than a wav file?
>Thanks, I appreciate any help I can get.
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