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SV: [Powderworks] Workers Jobs

Magnus Holmgren oznut at swipnet.se
Mon Nov 3 11:43:59 MST 2003


It's been a while since I last posted, main reason being my first "real" job which I started just over 2 months ago. I work for one of Sweden's largest technical consulting firms as an energy consultant and measurements engineer. We've got a mobile air laboratory which we use to measure emissions of CO, NOx, SO2 etc. from various power plants. This will be my main duties and I will be responsible for the operation of this laboratory in due time. I will be involved in other things relating to energy as well, we do work with nuclear power, wind power, waste-to-energy, hydro power etc. etc. So far it's mysteriously close to my dream job, although maybe not in my dream part of the country.

I've got a M.Sc. in Aquatic and environmental engineering, for which I did my final thesis at Melbourne Uni. The Oils were a major influence on me when I applied for uni, and hence on my life in general today. I'm actually quite proud to be working with these things and it feels good have been pointed in the right direction by the oils. I mean, being interested in engineering, I might as well have been developing bigger and better guns by now.....

I've done various part time jobs, including driving a big truck and delivering milk all over Gothenburg...