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[Powderworks] Workers Jobs

Sharon Nearhoof May nearhoofmay at cox.net
Sat Nov 1 09:19:54 MST 2003

I teach Earth Science to high school kids (grades 9-12 in every class) 
in inner-city Phoenix, Arizona.  I'm in my first year of teaching, 
after starting out my career as a research geologist and then going to 
seminary and pastoring churches for 8 years.  I switched to teaching 
because  I loved working with teenagers and I missed living in the 
world of science.  I took a major pay cut (who thought I could find a 
job that payed LESS than the ministry!!) but I love teaching!!!  It's 
the hardest job I've ever had in a lot of ways but its the best job 
I've ever had. We're just finishing astronomy and will start geology & 
plate tectonics in about two weeks.  I teach earth science in the 
Sonoran Desert, 3 hours away from the Grand Canyon in one of the best 
states for geology in the US.  I can't believe they pay me to do this!

Sharon Nearhoof May
Phoenix, AZ USA