Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Re: NMOC What's on your bookshelves?

Rhonda kayak@sympatico.ca
Fri, 23 May 2003 20:11:40 -0400

Cool thread!


Anything by Margaret Laurence, especially The Diviners

What I'm currently reading (undecided as of yet what if any will qualify
for "profound" status):
Wild Earth - edited by Tom Butler
Changing Parks: The History, Future, and Cultural Context of Parks and
Heritage Landscapes - edited by John S. Marsh & Bruce W. Hodgins
Conservation Biology: Research Priorities for the Next Decade - edited
by Michael Soulé & Gordon Orians
The Future Eaters - Tim Flannery
The Diversity of Life - E.O. Wilson
Designing Field Studies for Biodiversity Conservation - Peter Feinsinger

...and....The Canadian Cycling Association's Complete Guide to Bicycle
Touring in Canada  ;-)

On the "covers" thread...hmmmm...

Oils shoulda covered:  still thinking about that one
4 Past Midnight (that name gets my vote) - for some *really, really*
weird reason, I can picture Bones singing a Huey Lewis tune.  I think my
dinner poisoned me.  Or maybe the wine was bad.  But the mental picture
is killing me laughing.
Oils should never, EVER cover:  Culture Club, Human League, or the

Can you tell the 80s were my musical formative years?

Cheers all,