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[Powderworks] NMOC What's on your bookshelves?

Jurriaan thunder7@xs4all.nl
Fri, 23 May 2003 20:55:10 +0200

From: bmounier@sympatico.ca <bmounier@sympatico.ca>
Date: Fri, May 23, 2003 at 08:34:16AM -0400
> After seeing the limited response to the release of Willie's I started wondering if perhaps, Workers were not much book people.
> Therefore I'd be curious to hear the following:
> Name up to 5 books that remain pillars in your literary life.
> I'll start, in no particular order (and this is far from exhaustive):
1st - my Jack Vance Integral Edition ( http://www.vanceintegral.com ).
There is no writer who can compete with this man. May he live another 80

2nd - The Silmarillion
I like this even better than the Lord of the Rings.

3rd - Karl May - everything. Hey, everybody was young once, right?

4th - Michelle Sagara/West. Very, very good fantasy-books.

5th - CS Friedman - idem.

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