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Heidi Shenk nedkellytheking@hotmail.com
Wed, 21 May 2003 21:25:41 -0500

I have to agree with Damien on this one...time signatures and other music 
theory stuff is entirely boring.  It can be useful if you want to play stuff 
like classical music, but for the most part it sucks the joy out of playing 
and listening music.  I've played cello for ten years and guitar for seven 
and I wouldn't hesitate to say that playing cello is painfully annoying to 
me...it is way too technical and because of the fact that way too much focus 
is put on the theory aspects of the music, I pretty much hate it.  I never 
enjoyed taking lessons and I find it much more useful to learn things on 
your own.  Because the music theory aspect was forced on me when I learned 
cello, I hardly even play cello anymore because it's hardly enjoyable 
anymore whereas when I'm playing guitar (which I picked up on my own) I can 
be a lot more creative.  As for guitar...although I know theory and read 
music I would never ever think about using any of that to play.  It is a lot 
more enjoyable to just go with what you're feeling and go by what you think 
sounds great than count out beats and measures and mess with scales.  
Unfortunately for me...I have to go through a semester of tedious music 
theory class to fulfill my Music Industry minor...man oh man is that gonna 
be one long semester *yawn* (or should a say pure torture) :-P


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Kate said,
 > While you need both precise musicianship and feeling, it is that 
 > expression which makes the difference between executing music and
 > performing music.

Does anyone remember MO discussing "Bakerman," and how a highschool brass
band in Japan where they were recording played it?  I don't remember the
particulars, except that the students were SO focused on getting the notes
right, that it came out sounding like something a machine had created.
Which is true, IMO.  It sounds like the music from a merry-go-round.
PS It's in 4/4 time I think, for anyone who gives a damn! :-)

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