Midnight Oil

[Re: [Powderworks] time signatures]

Glitch sena.reisenweaver@verizon.net
Wed, 21 May 2003 21:07:57 -0400

Kate said,
> While you need both precise musicianship and feeling, it is that emotional
> expression which makes the difference between executing music and
> performing music.

Does anyone remember MO discussing "Bakerman," and how a highschool brass
band in Japan where they were recording played it?  I don't remember the
particulars, except that the students were SO focused on getting the notes
right, that it came out sounding like something a machine had created.
Which is true, IMO.  It sounds like the music from a merry-go-round.
PS It's in 4/4 time I think, for anyone who gives a damn! :-)

got your last meal filled up with pesticide
hamburger chain third world infanticide
got robot car your job will disappear
it's called the politics of a brand new year
some say that's progress i say that's cruel

--midnight oil