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SV: [Powderworks] time signatures and maths

Bjorn Blomquist bjorn.blomquist@mbox301.swipnet.se
Wed, 21 May 2003 15:13:01 +0200

>   6/8 = Six eighth note beats per bar (1,2,3,4,5,6).

In mathematics, we all(?) know that 6/8 is the same as 3/4, but that's
not really the case in music as you often count a 6/8 in two (2/4). As a
clarinetist I often play march music, and marches are written in either
2/4 or 6/8 and you can go marching to both. They are basically the same
thing: one-two one-two left-right left-right...

Pop songs with a 5/4 signature:

Sting - "Seven days"
Magnetic Fields - "Strange eyes"