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[Powderworks] NMOC - Pearl Jam

Jim Stanley jim_snappa@hotmail.com
Fri, 16 May 2003 20:25:07 +1000

Sorry about the MNOC. Someone sent me this, I thought Oils fans would find 
it of interest...
>From the Pearl Jam web site.
>"Because we are concerned about the environment, we have offset the
>greenhouse gas emissions of (our US)  tour. Conservation International
>helped us estimate the direct emissions of the tour including the trucks,
>buses and airplane that will move the tour through its 30,000-mile route.
>Furthermore, we have taken the unprecedented step of offsetting the
>emissions of the estimated 1 million fans driving to and from the shows.
>These combined sources result in a cumulative impact of 5,700 tons of CO2.
>In order to offset the warming potential of these emissions Pearl Jam has
>purchased 5,700 tons of Conservation Carbon generated by the Makira
>rainforest conservation project in Madagascar. The Makira project is a
>square mile area representing a store of 140 million tons of CO2 at risk
>being lost to the atmosphere through fire, logging and conversion to
>agricultural land. Pearl Jam's carbon offset corresponds to the protection
>of approximately 100 acres of this forest. The forest is located in a
>biodiversity hotspot that is home to thousands of rare and endangered
>and animal species, including 3 species of critically endangered lemurs.
>Protecting this vital habitat will be a collaboration between CI, the
>Wildlife Conservation Society and most of all, local communities. It is
>deepest conviction of both Pearl Jam and Conservation International that
>health and wellbeing of the local community is inextricably linked to the
>health and wellbeing of the land that hosts them. This project therefore
>represents a triple benefit to the community, to biodiversity conservation
>and to climate protection.

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