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[Powderworks] More on untrained singers

Terry Johnson tenacious@cyberback.com
Thu, 15 May 2003 21:32:25 -0500

That dude from Incubus can wail!  If I could sing like anybody I
wanted, I'd want to sing like him.

Also, not as obvious, I think Meatloaf has a nice *trained*


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OK, this is driving me nuts.  After the thread on "real" lead
singers, I've been flipping through my CDs, and (limiting this
discussion to rock only, no soul or country or world or
whatever) I found exactly one person in the bunch who's a real
singer with a trained voice - or at least, what passes for one:
Kate Bush.  I seem to have this preference for not-real-singers:
Garrett, Fagan, Knopfler (definitely can't sing), David Byrne,
Richard Butler (reeeeeally reeeeally can't sing), Springsteen,
the list goes on.  Joe and I started discussing this, and he
proposed Elvis, which I think is barely possible, and Freddie
Mercury - powerful, yes, trained, no.  I always thought
somewhere under Billy Idol's posturing was a real nice
baritone - but you only ever got glimpses, beside his voice was
always muffled from having his head up his ass.  Can somebody
propose a real singer among male rock leads before I lose my
mind? - Beth