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[Powderworks] Scary Thread - Just Wondering

Kate kate@dnki.net
Tue, 13 May 2003 19:30:34 -0400

They have friends who lurk here and report back.

At 08:47 PM 5/13/03 +0300, ALEXEI wrote:
>I am at sixes and sevens--how can one possibly "log on" to a mailing list?
>One joins, not logs on.  Unless the messages on the list are archived and made
>accessible through either the http or ftp protocol.  This is not the case with
>powderworks, is it?  That means Bones was simply pulling your leg, or as has
>just been suggested by somebody else, band members were shown printouts...
>Very interesting.  Alexei
>Rumor63@aol.com wrote:
><Bones said that he did log on from time to time and that we are a scary
><bunch indeed...
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