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PLEASE!  Anyone?
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I'm dreaming that someone across the ocean will make a recording of the
I shouldn't complain as I got to see both Oils and Neil Finn in
Tim in U.S.

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Neil Finn Family Fun Show

The bad news is Neil Finn has only sold 80 tickets a night for each show
he will play in New Zealand next week. The good news is they are all

Neil and his brother Tim will perform at the Tabac bar in Auckland, a
bar owned by Neil's wife Sharon.

Most of the tickets were snapped up by the Frenz fan club with 20
tickets per night made available to regulars of the bar. The show is
being done specifically for the fan club

The band is expected to feature various members of the Mutton Birds and
Midnight Oil

The three shows take place at the Tabac bar in Auckland May 13, 14 and

By Paul Cashmere

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