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[Powderworks] These Should Not Be Forgotten Years

Henry Longmore Henry.Krit.Longmore@m.cc.utah.edu
Thu, 1 May 2003 16:29:48 -0600 (MDT)

Well, from the video on the 20kW RSL DVD, I'd say Pictures is about
the destruction of Australian Rain Forests (plant and animal life).
Watch for the chain saw moving through the tree with saw dust
colorized to look like blood. ;-)  On the other hand, Pictures may be
about the efforts of people to save the rain forests, or may be meant
to try to inspire people to be activists and attain the 'critical
mass' needed to save the rain forests.

-Henry K.

 }Well, not really.  Blossom & Blood is explicitly about Hiroshima,
 }but Progress is about companies trashing the environment to make a
 }buck and Hercules is about French nuclear testing in the Central
 }Pacific (which is why its original title was 'Ode to the Rainbow
 }Warrior.')  Pictures, I dunno, I can't stand the song, so it's
 }been so long since I've listened to it that I can't remember what
 }it's about.
 }>Yeah, I know all four songs on "Species Deceases" are commemorating 
 }>the 40th anniversary of the Hiroshima blast, but still....
 }>Just curious here!
 }>Patty in Maryland