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[Powderworks] Search for the Olddest "Functioning" T-Shirt

Jo Daley joeydaley@hotmail.com
Mon, 30 Jun 2003 13:47:08 +1000

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<P>One of my proudest possessions is my Head Injuries tshirt which my brother gave me for my 21st. That's 10 years ago now and it was old then. I wear it only around the house now as it's XL anyway and was made even larger when I wore it a lot when I was pregnant.&nbsp;Excellent&nbsp;loose maternity wear.&nbsp;Got to wear it to the concert at the Brixton Academy that year. Great timing there.</P>
<P>I did have a Newcastle Earthquake tshirt that got left in the car when in a hurry&nbsp;going to the airport. Car was sold while I was overseas, so not much hope of getting that back unfortunately. (Anyone buy a yellow&nbsp;Commodore in Melbourne?) My ESM tshirt literally fell apart from over use.</P>
<P>Cheers, Jo.</P>
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<DIV></DIV>&gt;Subject: [Powderworks] Search for the Olddest "Functioning" T-Shirt 
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<DIV></DIV>&gt;Here's another time passer. I thought it would be interesting to 
<DIV></DIV>&gt;see who still have "functioning" T-Shirts and how old they are. By 
<DIV></DIV>&gt;"functioning" I mean that they get worn and washed fairly regularly, 
<DIV></DIV>&gt;none of these framed or"retired" shirts. I have one from the 96/97 
<DIV></DIV>&gt;Breathe tour (the one with the attractive fish on the front) which 
<DIV></DIV>&gt;I'm still wearing.... no holes as yet. 
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