Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Re:Search for the Oldest "Functioning" T-Shirt

Powderlurker . powderlurker@hotmail.com
Wed, 25 Jun 2003 23:43:10 +1000

Lemme see...

The Grey L/S Yakka 10 to 1 - definitely

3 (different) glorious (read that as polyester) ACME 10 to 1 cover versions

10 - 1 (washington) exploding 'Capitol' Head

Capitol Theatre JJJ 'pink flying musical notes' T

Totally bootleg (but that's another story) 'running man' Generals T

Goat Island 'floating hand' T

(really ugly) Earth,Sun & Moon Beige Satin baseball jacket with coloured 
embroidery (logo/tour/etc.)

Powderworks 'Surfing with a Spoon' Bonds T (yup...'79/80, f'real. I'm pretty 
sure I got it while I was still in school... if not, then 1st year out...)

Armistace Day 12" (freebie) all-over print T (white - 1st edn...as opposed 
to yello,blue,pink,orange)


PLEASE don't tell me about the "authentic" 'Head Injuries Cover' singlet... 
this was released nearly 20 years after the album (by ACME) to cash in on 
BSM popularity (sorry,I'm a T-letist).

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