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[Powderworks] Search for the Olddest "Functioning" T-Shirt

Tanya Euler tanya@gil.com.au
Tue, 24 Jun 2003 14:32:25 +1000

I have a black (nearing grey from age) singlet top - with the "For Rent
used earthspace...." rant on front. It gets worn but not oft in public.
Bought sometime in mid to late 80's. (88 I think)

Whenever I wanted to feel trendy yet sexy - it was the pick - being so
large I had to wear a black bikini top underneath (back in my early to
mid teens this is ;o)

Now it gets worn when I feel like sloth


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> I have an ESM shirt that's about 6 years old...it's looking pretty
> around the edges.  It has Truganini artwork on the front and says ESM
on the
> back.  No holes or anything like that yet, but it's getting pretty
> out and faded.  Not to mention it has lots of coffee stains on it from
> wearing it to work regularly.  I wore it to my first Oils show in 2001
and I
> got totally blasted by a load of sweat from Pete's head...so at one
time it
> also had tons of Pete's sweat on it.  I washed it though...I'm not one
> those scary Powdies that might not ever wash something like that just
> it had Pete's sweat on it. ;-)  It's one of those shirts that I still
> to wear...more as a comfort than anything else.  For example...after
> left, that shirt became part of my pajamas/lounging outfit for nearly
> months.  My roommate about died laughing when I proclaimed..."I love
> Oils and I'm NOT taking off this shirt!!!"  So...that's my t-shirt
story. :)
> Heidi
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> Subject: [Powderworks] Search for the Olddest "Functioning" T-Shirt
> Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2003 13:40:23 +1000
> Here's another time passer.  I thought it would be interesting to see
> still have "functioning" T-Shirts and how old they are.  By
"functioning" I
> mean that they get worn and washed fairly regularly, none of these
> or"retired" shirts.  I have one from the 96/97 Breathe tour (the one
> the attractive fish on the front) which I'm still wearing.... no holes
> yet.
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