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[Powderworks] Hey You

Jeff and Jane Scott jscott@iinet.net.au
Wed, 18 Jun 2003 19:08:37 +0800

At 17-06-03 10:14 AM -0700, Dave Baker wrote:

>Well that's interesting, what did Gilmour find
>wrong with the transcription?
>And did he mention as to what it should be?
>Is it the Piano/Guitar/vocal book that's wrong?
>or is the Guitar Tab version that is wrong?
>Anyone know more on this?

It's in a guitar magazine from some time in the last decade...  Basically 
the issue was that the interviewer mentioned that he had seen several 
different transcriptions of the intro - with capo on 3rd, no capo etc.  So 
he asked David what was right, to finally sort it out.  Turns out, it's 
none of them!

To play that intro as Dave did, you need to totally restring your 
guitar!  You replace the low E-string with a high E-string (ie two octaves 
higher), and replace the A, D, and G strings with thinner strings tuned one 
octave higher. Or to look at it another way, get a twelve string guitar and 
remove the low strings, leaving the higher octave strings.  Then replace 
the low E with a high E.

With this re-stringing, the intro can be played with lots of open strings, 
and you are able to let all the notes ring out.  The magazine in question 
transcribed it in TAB form, but basically it's just arpeggios of the chords 
using all six strings.

A guitar tuned the same way (in fact, probably the same guitar!) was also 
used in the chorus of Comfortably Numb, doubled with a "normal" acoustic 

If you are a guitarist, it is absolutely worth the effort of re-stringing 
your guitar and trying this out - the sound is heavenly.  It sounds so 
good, it's just about worth buying an extra guitar just so you can leave it 
in this tuning.