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[Powderworks] Bones and the Finn Bros.

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Tue, 17 Jun 2003 14:52:41 -0400

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This is from frenz.com - looks like you folks in NYC should be on the lookout!


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<ul type="disc">
  <font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif"><li>13-6-03-A quick message
from Neil in the middle of packing and planning for the trip to the USA to
record the second Finn Bros CD.  </li>
   <li>"To whom it may consume, </li>
   <li>Its been a slow and deliberate build up towards this Finn brothers
record but we are about to go code red with Tony Visconti in upstate N.Y.
We are taking tall and rakish Bones Hillman( ex Swingers and Midnight Oil
) to play bass &amp; chuckling Ross Burge -ex Muttonbirds to play drums.
There is  an aching spirit in the house and we have to respond. </li>
   <li>We bought a building yesterday in Auckland which will become a place 
of music for many to enjoy . Its an old masonic lodge ( the Fountain of Friendship 
says the plaque )no skeletons in the basement just an adult bookshop . Its 
a beautiful building....good times ahead." </li>
   <li>love to you all  </li>
   <li>             Neil</li>

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