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[Powderworks] Hotel rooms swaps

Jeff and Jane Scott jscott@iinet.net.au
Wed, 11 Jun 2003 18:51:55 +0800

At 10-06-03 04:13 PM -0400, bmounier@sympatico.ca wrote:
>M'dear, you read my post too fast. I didn't say Peter wanted his own room 
>(darn they better each have their rooms!!). I said Rob ended up with the 
>hotel room that was meant for Peter one night and made a comment about how 
>nice or how enjoyable it was, as if it was much nicer than his...

I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Pete generally had a bigger room - 
he'd often have had people coming to see him for meetings and political 
stuff while in town.  Similarly, I can understand why he'd often be the 
first away from the venue - he had a lot more demands on his time while on 

I remember driving back to Perth from Bunbury straight after the Redneck 
show (about 2 hours drive).  We left pretty much straight after the show, 
and most of the way we were driving along next to the Tarago with Pete in 
it - still wearing the red suit he had on stage!  He had to get back for 
some Greenpeace meeting early the next morning or something.